Recently Expired Offers - Bug Zapper Indoor And Outdoor Mosquito Killer

Bug Zapper Indoor And Outdoor Mosquito Killer

Lure The Mosquitoes/flies/ Moths And Other Bugs Via Photocatalyst that Automatically Destroys Insects, Mosquitoes, Flies, Wasps, Bugs, And More. This Electric UV Fly Killer Attracts And Kills Bugs Such As Flies, Moths, Mosquitos, And Midges. Keep your surrounding free of these bugs and enjoy peaceful time listening to music, reading your favourite book or fun time with family. Additional Features: Perfect For Use In Kitchens Or Child And Pet Play Areas. No Chemical, Non-toxic, Eco-friendly, Safe For The Pregnant And Infants. Suitable For Living Room, Office, Kitchen, Bedroom, Cafe, Basement, Garage, Restaurant, Store, Hospital, Balcony, Etc. Tips For Best Result To Use The Bug Zapper: Keep Away From The Fan. Run The Indoor Bug Zapper For 2-3 Hours Before Bed. Works Best In A Dark And Closed Room. Works Best For Catching Gnats, Fruit Flies, And Mosquitoes. Set Up The Fly Zapper As Close To The Insects As Possible (E.g Next To The Fruit, Plants, Or Trash Bin).

Expired On August 30, 2022