LollicupStore Review: A beverage supplier for tapioca pearls, powders, and teas.

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LollicupStore is an online retailer that sells a wide range of products, including bubble tea supplies, restaurant disposables, and janitorial supplies. Here is a review of LollicupStore:


  1. Wide variety of products: LollicupStore has a vast selection of products, from bubble tea ingredients and accessories to restaurant supplies and cleaning products.
  2. Competitive pricing: The prices at LollicupStore are generally competitive compared to other online retailers.
  3. Fast shipping: LollicupStore offers fast shipping on most products, with many orders being shipped out within one to two business days.
  4. Rewards program: LollicupStore offers a rewards program for frequent customers, allowing them to earn points that can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.


  1. Limited return policy: LollicupStore has a limited return policy, with returns only accepted for defective or damaged products.
  2. Customer service: Some customers have reported difficulties with customer service, including long wait times for responses to inquiries and unhelpful representatives.

Overall, LollicupStore is a reliable online retailer with a wide selection of products at competitive prices. However, its limited return policy and reported issues with customer service may be a cause for concern for some customers. It’s always a good idea to do your own research and read reviews before making a purchase to ensure that you are getting the best value and experience possible.

Unique Irresistible Flavours and Powders for Beverages You Must Try

When it comes to choice of drinking, the world has introduced so many beverages other than water to meet the needs and interests of taste of people. Every person is different to other in terms of choice and taste so people prefer beverages according to their likings and that is why the industry of flavors has been developed to a great extent. Hundreds of Flavours of different beverages be it tea, coffee or any kind of syrups for daily uses at home or office.

Tea (Chai)

Tea is a very traditional drinking beverage that has been there for decades used earlier even as medicine but now has increased to be used as daily routine beverage.

There are many tea leaves and powder flavors introduced by Tea Zone which people use on daily bases and have added specail attachment in peoples’ heart.

Caramel Tea Powder Flavour:

It is blended with black tea & natural caramel flavor. Caramel tea is one of the most prefered tea flavors specially in people of US. The taste has been preferred specially by the female majority of people who take it as tension free beverage.

Almond Coconut Tea Powder Flavour:

When you need escape from hectic life, hace a cup of coconut tea flavour and get relaxation. This is what the office peope say when asked about the review of this esteemed flavour.

Mango, banana and Strawverry Tea Zone Flavour:

Fruits are people choice every time but what if added with their favorite beverage tea? Its like tradition added with modern beverage. These flavours have secured a place in people’s daily routine drinking. Mango, banana and Strawberry add double joy which help to tackle the work as well. So grab the flavours and add joy for yourself.

When it comes to tea leaves different tea leaves have been introduced that are so much in talk that stocks are finishing and demand is at the level. Some of the most preferred tea leaves flavours are here:


Do not need to put effort, just take it mix it in mil and enjoy. This Tea Zone flavour is reviewed by people to 90% because it rejoice the moments.


Every flavour differs from each other with varied according to taste and people likings. this flavour is a must try specially for house wives because it can relief your headache and you comfort.


Apart from traditional beverage people go for coffee which is now a days becoming the most used beverage in youth specially. But without flavours it is not the same thing to enojy. With people’s interest many delicious flavours have been introduced which are very special in taste and smell.

Blended Ice Coffee Mocha flavour, double fudge and latte freeze:

Very rich in thickness and smell, these two flavours of coffee are best selling flavour of coffee around US. Economical in price but very special in taste, people are drinking these flavours and getting the taste of what they find at expensive restaurants. If you want to enjoy restaurants taste at home, grab these flavors and enjoy.


People always want something different and tasteful that is why a new beverage smoothie has been there for people but what is useful if not added with different flavours. Some of the most delicious flavours of smoothie introduced by Torani the brand that can add joy to your life.

Torani Strawberry and Mango Real fruit:

Torani has never disappointed people with its choice of flavours because whenever they introduce new flavours, they are well preferred by people. These two flavours have been give very positive reviews because people want something different and unique that is what these flavors can do to you. Mix them with milk or ony drink of your choice and enjoy the unique flavours that are irresistible and mouthwatering.

Torani pina Colada, Peach and Wildberry Flavours:

Pina Colada is favourite of every person when it comes to ice cream but what if this flavor is available in smoothie as well? This is what you can enjoy because this flavor can give you the best taste that too in very economical price. Smoothie is choice of youth and all these flavours have been the number one choice of people and are getting sold in stocks on weekly bases. The best thing is that you can enjoy these irresistible flavours at home and do not need to spend hundreds of dollars in restaurants.

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